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Will 'Harold and Kumar' become a cartoon?

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Harold and Kumar received the Claymation treatment in their new movie. Will they now become a cartoon?

In a memorable scene from the new movie "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas," the two pals suddenly find themselves in Claymation, which allows a certain part of Kumar to reach an extra dimension that wouldn't have been funny if the scene wasn't Claymated. So it's really not that shocking that Deadline.com reports that a "Harold & Kumar" cartoon is being shopped to networks.

Deadline reports that Comedy Central and MTV are among the networks interested, and that makes sense. Roldy and Kumar have moments when they play off each other like a better-educated Beavis and Butthead. We could see this working as a late-night cartoon, especially if, as Deadline reports, John Cho and Kal Penn voice their own characters.

"Harold & Kumar" is no "National Geographic Explorer" or "Frontline," but let's face it. In this era of war and recession and unemployment, everybody needs a good laugh. The two pals have a great chemistry and would bring an established fanbase to the show. With a late-night timeslot and on a cable network that allowed them to keep the humor level for adults only, this show could absolutely work.

They'd have to scrap the timeline of the films though -- forget the Harold and Kumar with homes and adult responsibilities and women and children in their lives. The cartoon could just plop H and K down in their same pit of an apartment from the first movie, with their only goal to stay friends and score happiness-inducing substances. White Castle burgers, of course. What did you think we meant?

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