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3-D 'Titanic' sailing towards theaters

Paramount Pictures

It's a bit odd for the folks promoting "Titanic 3D" to trumpet their new poster and trailer because -- well, the movie came out in 1997, and the poster and trailer aren't themselves in 3-D.

But they're a fun reminder that yes, in April, the month that marks the 100th anniversary of the great ship's sinking, James Cameron's Oscar-winning epic will return to theaters.

Even 3-D skeptics may want to give this one a go. Cameron used 3-D better than anyone in recent history with 2009's "Avatar," and no filmmaker has a better touch with underwater imagery.

And after seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in "J. Edgar," it's nice to see him without all the old-man makeup. He was just 23, as was co-star Kate Winslet, when he made the film, and was as baby-faced as they come.

Of course, not everyone's a fan. David Edelstein's Slate review was headlined "The Love Boat." He writes: "This $200-million-plus 'epic' ... is nothing so much as an Edwardian soap opera to which one of the world's most glamorous catastrophes has been appended."


Is a 3-D version of "Titanic" a good or bad idea? Will you see it? Tell us in the comments.

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