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Daniel Radcliffe cleans interviewer's toilet

Evan Agostini / AP

Daniel Radcliffe: How to succeed in learning how not to be a slob, with a little trying.

You wouldn't want to room with Harry Potter at Hogwarts. "Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe admits he is "a bit of a slob" who will clean up a Diet Coke spill with his sock, and then put the sock back on.

Radcliffe, now starring in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," gave an entertaining video interview to "Side by Side by Susan Blackwell," a talk show about Broadway issues.

Blackwell chats with the actor in her apartment and even gives him tips on how to clean the place up -- from wiping down the windows to sorting her laundry.

Blackwell has a bit of a (bleeped out) foul mouth, which makes the whole conversational-meets-cleaning aspect of their chat that much more intimate and silly. She's also stumbled on a rarely used journalistic technique, in which the subject opens up by doing menial tasks.

Having handed Radcliffe her underwear (which elicits a "double thumbs up" from Blackwell), causing much nervous laughter, the host is asked by the actor "You genuinely didn't think I'd know this little about (sorting laundry), did you?"

At least Radcliffe proves he's a good sport. He even scrubs Blackwell's toilet. What, there's no spell for that?

Can Radcliffe move on from his Harry Potter role and develop a real acting career? Tell us in the comments.

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