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Tom Cruise leaps from world's tallest building on 'Mission'

Tom Cruise has no problem leaping from the world's tallest building for his new "Mission: Impossible" movie.

Yes, that's really Tom Cruise leaping from the world's tallest building.

In stunts that seem insane for those of us who are wary of heights, the "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" star jumps out of the Bhurj Khalifa, a Dubai skyscraper that, at more than 2.700 feet high, is the world's tallest. 

It's really Cruise, not a stuntman, leaping from the building and climbing, running  and walking up it, a mile and a half in the air. He even looks cool, calm and collected when director Brad Bird asks him to do it again. The classic "Mission: Impossible" music has never fit better.

"Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" opens Dec. 21.

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