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Hottest woman of all time! Jennifer Aniston?

Men's Health magazine has released its list of the hottest women of all time and Jennifer Aniston sits at number one out of 100 women chosen. Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears and Madonna round out the top five.

Now, with all due respect to Aniston ... REALLY? All time? All hot women ... forever?

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters file

Forget hot or not. How about hottest of all time or not?

But I'm a girl and maybe that cancels out my vote in this matter. So in a quick email exchange with a guy who hasn't been shy about his allegiance to Team Jen in the past, I sought some answers.

Me: "Seriously? Jennifer Aniston?"

Guy: "At least two women mentioned in that story should beg to differ." (Attached to his response? Photos of Raquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot. Bardot made Aniston's top two, along with Gloria Steinem.)

The conversation could have gone on forever in a one-sided fashion as the guy displayed his proficiency with remembering pretty ladies from throughout history through the use of Google image search.

But you get it, right? When you're saying "all time" it seems someone who's proven to have some amount of timelessness should rise to the top.

And not for nothing, but even the commenters on the Men's Health site seem to be a little befuddled by the choice. So what do you think? Give us your all-time hottest or your top five or whatever you like in the comments. Or, by all means, defend Team Jen!