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See the smashing new 'Dark Knight' poster

Warner Bros.

Yes, that's Batman's mask lying shattered in the rain, as villain Bane turns his back and arches those mighty shoulders.

Seems to us that the style of this poster fits right in with what fans are looking for in "The Dark Knight Rises," which is due to hit theaters July 20. Creepy and violent and not a little terrifying.

Christian Bale, of course, is back as Batman, with Tom Hardy playing a menacing Bane. Hardy reportedly gained 30 pounds of muscle for the role.

If you just can't wait for more, seek out one of these 42 IMAX theaters for a showing of Tom Cruise's new "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol," opening Dec. 16. Those theaters will be showing a six-minute preview of "Dark Knight Rises" before Cruise embarks on his latest "Mission."

What do you think? Does "Dark Knight Rises" look promising? Tell us in the comments.

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