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Man dials into celeb lifestyle thanks to new phone number

Ever wonder what it would take to get invited to exclusive Hollywood parties or even become "friendly" with some celebrities? Apparently, moving to Los Angeles and requesting a new cell phone number is worth a try.

Bob Gray moved from Cleveland to California and requested a new number with an L.A. area code. His new digits just happened to be the former telephone number for actor/comedian Nick Swardson.

"As soon as I got the number I got a text message from someone who said, 'Hey, I just saw you on TMZ, what a bummer,' and I looked at (girlfriend) Liza and I was like, 'TMZ? Whose number do I have?'"

Check out Gray and Liza Foster telling msnbc TV's Tamron Hall about the flood of phone calls and text messages -- and partying with the likes of Paris Hilton -- in the video below: