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ScarJo outbid for Jackman's sweaty shirt

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Scarlett Johansson went home from Hugh Jackman's concert shirtless. Er, not that way.

Maybe Scarlett Johansson was in need of a last-minute holiday gift. But if someone on her list was longing for a sweat-drenched Hugh Jackman sweatshirt, they're going to be disappointed.

According to a much-too-short and hilarious item in the New York Post, Johansson attended "Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway” Tuesday night. In the concert series, which runs through Jan. 1 at the Broadhurst Theatre in New York, Jackman is joined by an 18-piece orchestra as he sings and tells stories.

According to the article, Johansson and Uma Thurman were both there Tuesday, and at the end of the show, Jackman auctioned off his sweaty undershirt for charity. ScarJo ran onto the stage, the Post reports, and bid $3000, but lost out.

The shirt was finally sold for a mind-boggling $30,000, and we feel the Post really fell down on its journalistic duties by not reporting who bought it and what their plans are for the grimy treasure.

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