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Late night round-up: Jon Stewart dives into GOP's class warfare

During the debates this past weekend, several of the GOP candidates accused President Obama of fostering class warfare, as Jon Stewart told us on “The Daily Show” Monday night. Oh yes, the president is promoting separation among Americans, and it isn’t getting past any of these candidates. But wait -- Stewart points out the very liberal thing the candidates keep doing -- attacking the rich guy among them, Mitt Romney.

Steven Colbert proclaimed his love for Rick Santorum in Monday's “Colbert Report,” coming to his defense on the many politically incorrect comments made this past weekend, from gay marriage to the absent-father-is-better-than-no-father analogy to “blahh-people” on welfare. Yes, it was a weekend of foot-in-mouth for the former Pennsylvania senator.

Later on in the evening, after all the Tim Tebow and Blue Ivy jokes they could possibly make, the late night hosts remembered that there were two GOP debates over the weekend.

On “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno made cracks about how out of touch Jon Huntsman is with -- well, a huge chunk of society. The presidential hopeful told a relatively young crowd, “You can’t Twitter your way to success.” (That’s tweet your way to success, Mr. Huntsman.)

Then, Leno reminded us that there was also a Democratic primary, and President Obama is not running unopposed. The president’s biggest threat in New Hampshire goes by the name of Vermin Supreme, and he’s an advocate for mandatory tooth-brushing laws.

David Letterman went right for Romney during “Late Show,”  and the now infamous statement about how he likes to fire people.

“Way to connect with the middle class, Mitt,”  Letterman scoffed. He then went on to compare Ron Paul to Justin Bieber (yes, really!) and show a clip of the "Meet The Press"/Facebook Debate, where a sleepy New Hampshire native caught a few Zs on camera behind host David Gregory.  Awkward.

Again, the Jimmys -- Kimmel and Fallon -- kept their political jokes to a minimum (instead exhausting the Blue Ivy jokes), but Fallon did mention on “Late Night” that he’d noticed everyone came down hard on Romney, especially Gingrich. Before tossing to The Roots to bring in a new segment, Fallon joked that the president is seeking divine inspiration in dealing with the National Debt.

Inspiration and a miracle from none other than… Tim Tebow.

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