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Late-night roundup: Colbert may run for President of the U.S. of South Carolina

Comedy Central

Trevor Potter, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart make an unholy, if legal, alliance.

He's doing it!!  

That's right, Stephen Colbert, political pundit extraordinaire and host of "The Colbert Report," could be in the running to be the next president of the United States of South Carolina ... again.  

Here's how it all went down:  

First, Colbert consulted with former FEC Commissioner and General Counsel to the McCain campaign, Trevor Potter. "Can I run for president and keep my Super PAC?" he asked.  

No, you can't. Apparently, you can't be a candidate and run a Super PAC because that would be coordinating with oneself. So, Colbert found the perfect person to trust with his Super PAC -- "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.  

After resolving that they can still be business partners (not to worry, plans to open up bagel shop/travel agency "From Schmear to Eternity" are still in tact), the two legally -- and awkwardly through a joint surge of greenish electricity radiating from their bodies --  signed an agreement of non-coordination.  

That's when Colbert made his announcement. He told the world that he is forming an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for his possible candidacy for president of the United States of South Carolina.  

Oh yeah, this just got real.    

Back on his own show, Jon Stewart began with the tale of one Newton Leroy Gingrich and his fall from grace. Thanks in large part to his inaccuracies about the Welfare program, the NAACP, and African-Americans in general, Gingrich slipped into fourth place. Stewart affectionately deemed him the president of "Fourthlandia." 

David Letterman had a nice, long sit-down interview with Senator John McCain on "Late Show," and the senator had both good and bad things to say about the current state of the GOP.  

Though he admitted that the party had seen better days, McCain stood by his endorsement of Mitt Romney and called him a good man. But first, he had to complain about how the only Republicans in the room were two honeymooning Australians in the audience.

On "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno volunteered an interesting idea in response to Michelle Obama's "iCarly" cameo, something he calls political week on TV: On Monday, Rick Perry could appear on "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader," Tuesday we could watch Gingrich on "Wife Swap." On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi could cameo on "Nip Tuck" and on Thursday night,  Governor Christie could be featured on "The Biggest Loser." And on Friday, MSNBC's "Lockup: Raw" could be all about Rod Blagojevich. 

Low blow.

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