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Late-night roundup: Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan link brains to mock candidates

Monday night on "The Daily Show," a tiara-clad Jon Stewart attempted to understand his role as head of Stephen Colbert's Super PAC, and what to do with its funds. Since he and Colbert can't coordinate with each other, Stewart enlisted the help of chef Mario Battali. Somehow, they came to the conclusion that they need to bird-feed an egg frittata. (Caution: the last few seconds of the "Daily Show" footage is pretty gross.)

Much to his chagrin, Colbert found out that he's not allowed to be a write-in candidate for the South Carolina primary. But, there's still a man in the running, he announced Monday night on "Colbert Report," that stands for true "Americanimity": former candidate Herman Cain.    

And in case you missed it, over the weekend the Super PAC released its first attack ad -- one that portrays current frontrunner Romney as "Mitt the Ripper," serial killer of corporations.    

On "Late Show," host David Letterman dedicated his Top 10 list to now former GOP candidate Jon Huntsman, entitled "Top 10 things people said when they heard Huntsman was dropping out of the race." Among the best ones: "Does this mean we can bring back Herman Cain?" and, my personal favorite, "He should have Tebowed more."  

Sticking it with Huntsman, Jimmy Fallon didn't think the candidate's departure would make much of a difference. Not having Huntsman on the campaign trail ... will be like having Huntsman on the campaign trail, he said.   

Then, in a game of "Brainstorm," Fallon and special guest Piers Morgan laughed at the expense of a few other GOPers. The rules required "Jeopardy!"-style questions and answers from the two players, so Morgan threw out the phrase "warning, may cause drowsiness," and Fallon responded with "What does it say on the back of Mitt Romney."   

In the next round the phrase was "American Horror Story," and Fallon answered, "What is Rick Perry's presidential campaign."  

Even Piers Morgan had to laugh at that one.

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