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Late-night roundup: Colbert and Stewart may have a psychic twin connection

"The Colbert Report's" Stephen Colbert was on the defensive last night, addressing allegations that he was in cahoots with "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart and his Super PAC. He offered a few possible explanations as to why he appeared in the PAC's ad, and insisted it was perfectly legal, despite media reports. One explanation -- he and Stewart have developed a psychic twin connection.

And after a phone chat with the wise lawyer Trevor Potter on "Daily Show," the two hosts learned that as a candidate, Colbert is allowed know in advance what the Super PAC has done, even if he can't know what they're doing. It's not coordinating, it's ... ordinating. And it's perfectly legal.

Stewart also discovered that he could make good use of the Super PAC's money ... you know, just in case they get fined for any misleading attack ads.

On the broadcast networks, the late night hosts gave the GOP candidates a little bit of a break.

"Live!" host Jimmy Kimmel took one more dig at Jon Huntsman, saying now that he's done being a presidential candidate Huntsman can return to his former job as "the guy in the picture that comes with the frame."

But it was Miss America's political stances that caught his attention.  When asked to discuss the current state of divisive partisan politics in Washington, Miss Wisconsin -- the eventual winner -- responded that politicians "represent all people, and in these difficult economic times they should look to what all of America needs."

Her answer, Kimmel thought, made absolutely no sense. Then he showed a clip of Pastor James David Manning's explanation of why he thinks Newt Gingrich's real name is Newt Leroy McPherson, and how that name means he must really be African-American.

On "Late Show," David Letterman called in a favor. An IRS friend of his discovered what Letterman dubbed "Surprises in Mitt Romney's Tax Returns." According to the  information they uncovered, Romney has $5,000 in residuals from a JC Penney underwear photo shoot he did years ago.

Now that's just ridiculous.

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