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Steven Tyler criticized for football anthem

Matt Slocum / AP

Steven Tyler's version of the national anthem might not have qualified him for his own show, "American Idol."

"American Idol" judge Steven Tyler found his own musical talents being judged Sunday after the Aerosmith frontman sang the national anthem at Sunday's AFC Championship football game in Foxborough, Mass.

Aerosmith is a Boston-based band, so choosing Tyler to sing at the New England Patriots-Baltimore Ravens contest seemed like a perfect choice. Tyler even showed his hometown team pride, clad in a sequined Patriots scarf. But some are still complaining about his rendition, which featured his trademark raspy scream.

Sports blog Deadspin.com was blunt about its verdict, headlining a post "Steven Tyler's 'Star-Spangled Banner' was terrible, but was it the worst ever?"

The Huffington Post complained that Tyler "had trouble hitting the signature high note."

ESPN commentator Skip Bayless had even more criticism for Tyler, saying in a tweet: "How could Patriots be inspired by that awful anthem sung by Steven Tyler? At least give him some screaming guitars to camouflage voice."

FOX News panelist Greg Gutfeld wasn't a fan, either, tweeting: "I went outside to put a raccoon out of its misery - then I realized my neighbor was watching Steven Tyler sing the Star-Spangled Banner."

Some complained that Tyler tweaked the lyrics in several places, including singing "as bomb bursting in air" instead of "the bombs bursting in air" and appearing to sing "oh the land of the free" instead of "o'er the land of the free."

But others appreciated Tyler's rendition. Country singer Jason Michael Carroll tweeted that he felt Tyler rocked the anthem, adding "I knew 'the scream' was coming! (Tyler) is always amazing!"

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