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Divorce forces man to beam out of 'Star Trek' home

When British nightclub DJ Tony Alleyne rebuilt his apartment to resemble a spaceship from "Star Trek," he couldn't have foreseen the day when he'd have to boldly go ... someplace else.

The British tabloid The Sun reports that Alleyne's apartment, in the English town of Hinckley, is actually owned by the wife he's been separated from since 1994. Now she wants to sell, meaning he'll have to leave the space-themed home behind.

Video from 2007

"To say I'm gutted is an understatement. It is my life's work," Alleyne told the Sun. "I admit there were tears."

He says it would cost at least 100,000 British pounds (more than $150,000 American) to redo the theme in a new apartment.

When msnbc TV reported on the apartment back in 2006, Alleyne was about to file for bankruptcy over the money spent on renovations, and said he had hoped to start a business transforming homes for other "Star Trek" fans.

Video from 2007

Msnbc TV did another segment on Alleyne in 2007 when he was apparently also hoping to sell the tricked-out home, which includes a mock transporter.

"Most people thought I was barmy," Alleyne said at the time. "I mean, you could go spend the time down the pub or in a nightclub or whatever ... I decided to live in a spaceship." He says on his website, which bills him as a "24th century interior designer," that he became hooked on science fiction at age 11.

In the msnbc video, Alleyne, clad in a "Trek" uniform and with a bald head reminscent of "Next Generation" Captain Picard,  demonstrates that even his microwave has a snap-on panel to hide it and make it look like part of the gleaming spaceship technology. He started the project in 1997 and refitted it from the Starship Enterprise to Voyager later on.

Too bad it doesn't have a working holodeck. Would you want to live in Alleyne's apartment? Beam over to Facebook and tell us.

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