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Colbert predicts Romney and Gringrich will ignore Latinos after Fla. primary

Since Stephen Colbert's "Report" taped before the polls closed in Florida last night, he couldn't comment on who was going to win the state's primary. So he began the show with something he could foresee -- regardless of who wins, he said, both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich will be going back to ignoring Latinos.

Last night's primary topic of discussion -- the supporters of Newt Gingrich. First there's "shucky ducky" Herman Cain, who announced he'd be supporting Gingrich on Monday. But wait -- on TODAY Cain confessed he would be comfortable with a Romney win. And If you remember, Cain endorsed "The People" earlier this month. It's OK, Gingrich can be included in "the people."

Another key Gingrich supporter is Randy "Duke" Cunningham. You know, the U.S. Navy veteran, former House representative and current convicted felon responsible for one of the largest bribery scams in Congressional history. Yeah, him. Cunningham assures that 80% of his prison inmate peers would vote for Newt. There's also former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who's simply endorsing Gingrich out of spite. If anything, she said, "annoy a liberal" -- vote for Gingrich.

Three solid endorsements for Gingrich.

Jon Stewart spent a good chunk of "The Daily Show" interviewing Yale Law Professor Jonathan Macey (who taught both President Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts) last night, but before that he took a moment to explain the art of pandering. Specifically, Gingrich's politically incorrect approach to getting the Latino vote, and Mitt Romney's wooing of elderly Floridians with the power of song -- "America the Beautiful," to be exact.

But it was Jay Leno who won the late night toss up, by snagging an interview with Michelle Obama. Not only did the First Lady get Leno to eat something he hadn't eaten in nearly 30 years, but Leno even got Mrs. Obama to laugh at herself -- throwing a punch at Al Roker!

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