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Fallon finishes last in fitness face-off with FLOTUS

Looking for the best thing on late night TV Tuesday? No sweat. Or, perhaps more accurately -- sweat. Jimmy Fallon's fitness competition with First Lady Michelle Obama on "Late Night" was the highlight.

Fallon said he was inspired by Obama's exhortations to be healthier, but after he heard her say that it's hard to inspire our children to get up and move when they see us lying on the couch watching TV, he had one bone to pick: "Yes, exercise is important, but it's also important to be back on that couch at 12:37 so you can watch this show," he said.

The first lady's "Let's Move" campaign has sent her on the talk show rounds recently, and she's proved that she can take on just about any television host. Last week, she beat Ellen DeGeneres in a push-up competition. Tuesday night, Fallon visited her at the White House for a potato-sack race, hula hoops swing-off, dodge ball toss, Tug-o-War and a session of push-ups.     

Needless to say, the FLOTUS beat Fallon soundly. And bonus: Bo, the Obama family's adorably fluffy dog, also made a cameo.

As Fallon noted at the end, it's about having fun -- it doesn't matter whether you won or lost. But Obama had a different perspective: "It matters."

Also Tuesday night, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum shocked everyone with a sweep of the GOP presidential contests in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota, beating frontrunner Mitt Romney.        

On "Live!," Jimmy Kimmel pointed out the fact that the Missouri primary was a waste of everyone's time (that is, since none of the state's delegates were awarded last night). Kimmel then went on to laud Newt Gingrich for staying in the race. After all the reports of infidelity, this is turning out to be the one commitment that Gingrich has been able to stick with, Kimmel joked.  

Kimmel also pointed to a recent comment from Romney that Americans were the "only people on Earth" who put their hands over their hearts when hearing their national anthem -- and then Kimmel showed a number of photos of non-Americans doing just that, and introduced an alleged campaign ad Romney has put out that seemed a little "shaky" on the details: America has the tallest mountain in the world -- Mt. Rushmore; America has the biggest city on the planet, Houston. You get the idea. Nothing like a little hyperbole to kick the campaign into high gear, eh?      

And for those who are wondering where Jon and Stephen went -- "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" aren't running fresh shows this week. Maybe they're off figuring out what to do with all that Super PAC money.

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