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'Survivor' puts two tribes at same camp

"Survivor: One World" puts two tribes at one camp.

Here's our look at the week's upcoming movies, TV shows, and new DVDs.

"Survivor: One World" adds a twist that the show hasn't tried before -- both tribes, separated by gender, will live at the same camp in Samoa. That may not sound thrilling, but it'll be interesting to see if relationships cross tribal lines with the competitors so close to each other (and with each player realizing he or she may need allies on the other side). The show has no returning vets this season, but it does have its first little person, Leif Manson. (Feb. 15, 8 p.m., CBS.)

How is the History Channel series "Top Shot" already up to its fourth season? The marksman's competition show returns this week with 18 competitors vying for $100,000. We're already rooting for the high-school janitor who makes his own ammunition. (Feb. 14, 10 p.m., History.)

"The Borrowers" beloved series of children's books comes to the big screen with "The Secret World of Arrietty," a Japanese animated film about Arrietty and her tiny family, who live under the floorboards of regular-sized people's homes. The Borrowers come out at night to steal things to eat and use, and Arrietty finds herself entangled with a human boy. (Opens Feb. 17)

It's OK to get a little excited about "Thin Ice" because it looks like "Fargo," what with snowy Wisconsin standing in for Minnesota. A desperate con man (Greg Kinnear) enlists the help of an ex-con (Billy Crudup) to steal a valuable violin, and everything goes to heck from there. (Opens Feb. 17)

DVD and Blu-ray
Uh huh-huh-huh ... "Beavis and Butt-head" are back. The two teen doofuses aren't just riffing on music videos any more, now they're also offering their goofy commentary on "Jersey Shore," UFC fights, and more. And utilizing every possible version of the word "buttmunch" in the process. (Volume 4 on DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 14)

Johnny Depp didn't just star in the film based on Hunter S. Thompson's book "The Rum Diary," he reportedly helped push Thompson to publish the work. Depp plays journalist Paul Kemp, who leaves behind the stiff, staid days of Eisenhower America to soak up the sun and the rum of Puerto Rico. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote, "'The Rum Diary' expertly cannonballs into the grit and glam with raw exuberance." (On DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 14)

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