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Banging on the door: 'Whitney's not coming!'

Vince Bucci / AFP/Getty Images

Whitney Houston in 2000

One of the most memorable pieces we've read on the events surrounding Whitney Houston's death Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif., is this short article by journalist Allison Samuel in The Daily Beast.

Samuels, a senior writer at Newsweek, writes that she was taping a segment for VH1's "Behind the Music" about singer Akon, and was planning to interview Houston after that segment was filmed.

But as she taped the segment, she writes, "someone kept banging on the door." That "someone" was Lynn Volkman, Houston's personal assistant.

"Whitney's not coming, Whitney's not coming," Samuel recalls Volkman saying. And finally, the truth: "She's dead."

Sadly, Samuels also wrote that she had pre-written an obituary for Houston five years ago, after a "disturbing interview with her in which she kept cursing and was obviously high."

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