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Producer says Grammys were victim of Brown


Chris Brown at the Grammys

It may seem that if anyone could call themselves a "victim" of singer Chris Brown, it would be his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, whom he assaulted in 2009.

But according to an executive producer of the Grammy Awards, the show itself was Brown's victim.

In an interview with ABC News Radio aired before Sunday's awards show, Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich spoke of giving Brown a second chance by having him perform at the ceremony.

“I think people deserve a second chance, you know," Ehrlich said. "If you’ll note, he has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.”

He went on to say that "what (Brown has) done to reclaim his career and seemingly the kind of person that he has become makes him  -- I don't even want to use the word eligible -- but you know, it's time."

Reaction to Brown's participation in the show was mixed. The site Buzzfeed.com rounded up 25 tweets from Brown fans saying things like "I don't know why Rihanna complained. Chris Brown could beat me anytime he wanted to."

Brown, 22, performed “Turn Up the Music” and “Beautiful People” and danced on Q-Bert-style blocks. He won the Grammy for Best R&B Album for his album "F.A.M.E." but lost out for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

Rihanna also performed at the awards.

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