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Woman claims Houston was supposed to be supervised, even in bathroom

Whitney Houston in 1999.

Whitney Houston was discovered unconscious and underwater in the bathtub the day she died -- but a friend of Houston's mentor Clive Davis says the singer was supposed to be under 24-hour supervision, even in the bathroom.

Nikki Haskell, a former talk-show host and close friend to Davis, tells the music blog Spinner that she didn’t believe the singer was depressed or on drugs. However she does say Houston was supposed to be closely monitored.

“I can't imagine how she could have died,” says Haskell. “I was told there was supposed to be somebody with her at all times when she was in the bathroom, in the bathtub and everything.”

And details are starting to trickle out about the singer's reported behavior in the final week of her life. CNN's Don Lemon reports that a source told him Houston was seen drinking alcohol at the Beverly Hilton two mornings last week, with other guests remarking that her “disheveled appearance, including mismatched clothing, suggested to them that she was intoxicated.”

According to CNN, other hotel guests heard Houston loudly accusing bartenders of "watering down" her drinks.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, journalist  Allison Samuels said Houston was seen jumping in and out of the hotel pool, doing somersaults along the side, and skipping down the hallways. 

The L.A. Times also reported "erratic behavior" by the singer on Feb. 9, calling her "visibly bloated" and saying that hotel security were called with reports that Houston was doing handstands by the pool.

She reportedly stood off-camera as singers Monica and Brandy, and mentor Davis, were interviewed in a hotel ballroom for Grammy publicity. The Times has since described her as "flailing her hands frenetically as she spoke to Brandy and Monica, skipping around the ballroom in a child-like fashion and wandering aimlessly about the lobby." (At the time, the Times called her behavior "loose and lively.")

Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18, reportedly pulled her mother out of the ballroom after Grammy personnel expressed fears that the behavior would be noticed and written about by reporters.

It was apparently at that Grammy interview when Houston passed a note to singer Brandy. The singer has since said that she will keep its contents private.

That night, Houston gave her apparent final performance when she joined friend Kelly Price onstage at Hollywood nightclub Tru and sang a raspy version of "Jesus Loves Me," which was captured by phone cameras and posted to YouTube. Price told Rolling Stone that Houston showed no signs of being impaired at the club.

Her funeral will be held Saturday in her native New Jersey. An autopsy has been performed, but results are being withheld pending the completion of toxicology testing.

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