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Joan Rivers: My insults aren't mean!


"Fashion Police" queen Joan Rivers has never been shy about saying exactly what she thinks -- whether she's doing a comedy routine or judging the stars at a red-carpet event. And her words can sometimes be brutally honest.

But despite how her jokes or fashion critiques may come across as unnecessarily harsh to some, she told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday night that her insults aren't meant to be mean or hurt anyone's feelings. And because of that, she doesn't really regret poking fun at celebs -- especially when they get her jokes.

For example, Rivers said she was the first to do fat jokes about Elizabeth Taylor.  Taylor's response, according to Rivers? "It doesn't bother me."

But there is one joke the comedian nuked from her act. Rivers said she used to poke fun of "country guy" Willie Nelson by saying "he wore a roach motel around his neck." When Rivers learned that the singer's then young daughter was getting teased at school because of it, the dig was immediately removed from her act. "I'm not there to make a little girl be unhappy," Rivers said. "But if you're making $25 million a movie and I don't like your dress, that's not tragic."

Cohen also asked the comedian whether she's been honored with the Kennedy Center Awards. Rivers' response? "Are you out of your mind?! Nobody ever recognizes me. No way!" When her host expressed shock, Rivers explained, "I'm too outrageous. And I don't play the game, and I say what I think, and I must've insulted everybody at one point."

See what else she had to say and what other celebs she pokes fun at:


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