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Jon Stewart: Republican predictions over Obama re-election are nonsense

Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart hammered away at dire predictions that had been made about a possible Barack Obama presidency back in 2008, noting, "It appears that Barack Obama has failed to keep many of the campaign promises his opponents made for him."


Stewart's defense may be much to the Republican candidates' dismay, specifically, Newt Gingrich. Back in 2008, Gingrich predicted that Obama will make a point to silence conservative pundits. He didn’t. 

So what doom and destruction should be expected following a 2012 re-election? Well, Gingrich says Obama will wage a war on the Catholic church the morning after. He also says it will be a disaster for the United States if this president gets a second term. Mitt Romney predicted Americans won’t be able to find jobs, and that Iran will undoubtedly have a nuclear weapon. Rick Santorum said America will not be the land of free enterprise anymore, and Michele Bachmann predicted there will be no future. There will be no hope, she says.

They’ve all lost their minds, said Stewart.

Meanwhile, over on “The Colbert Report,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sat down with host Steven Colbert to talk Super PACs -- or lack thereof.

Earlier this week Colbert took Pelosi to task about her scathing anti-PAC (and anti-Colbert) ad in efforts to pass the DISCLOSE act. Well, she’s a good sport! Relenting on her oath to not appear on “Report,” Pelosi chatted away, often laughing, about the act which promotes disclosure requirements when it comes to election spending.  

After that, Colbert sought out her opinion on the current hot topic -- the contraception debate. When the topic of the all-male panel came up, Pelosi responded, “Five Guys! ... May be all right for hamburgers but not for us,” referring to Congress.

And, after humoring a slew of his slightly sexual jokes, Pelosi and Colbert agreed to put aside their differences and strike a deal. Stephen would throw his weight behind DISCLOSE if Pelosi would encourage Democrats in the House to participate in his “Better Know a District” series.

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