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March movies: Eagerly awaiting 'Hunger Games,' not excited for 'Wrath of the Titans'

Moviegoing is starting to look up -- we've slogged through the lean months of January and February and finally, some films we actually want to see are hitting theaters. Here are some of the coming month's best, worst and just plain we're-not-sures.

Looking forward to...

'Hunger Games' (March 23)
Possibly the most anticipated film of the year -- and that's saying a lot for a year which will see the final "Twilight" film and Spider-Man and Batman movies. Jennifer Lawrence plays heroine Katniss Everdeen, who takes her young sister's place in a fight-to-the-death tournament in a horrific future land. The sneak peeks released so far all look as if the film series could live up to the hype. 


'The Lorax' (March 2)
Already saw this one, and it's a colorful, charming, Seussian tale. Danny DeVito voices the grumpy Lorax, but it's Ed Helms who really steals the show as the Once-ler, the hermit who started all the trouble by chopping down the town's trees. Fox's Lou Dobbs already hates it for its environmental viewpoint, which may want you want to either avoid the film or see it just out of spite. 

 Kind of dreading...

'Seeking Justice' (March 9)
Oh, Nicolas Cage. Once we loved you ("Raising Arizona"!) but now your name so often means the worst, cheesiest movie of any given weekend. "Seeking Justice" doesn't look likely to change our minds. When Cage's character's wife is raped, he agrees to have a random stranger kill her attacker and then gets sucked into a deal where he must become a vigilante killer himself. Could "Justice" be so bad it's good? Probably not.

'Wrath of the Titans' (March 30)
Re-release the Kraken? The campy 1981 gods and monsters flick "Clash of the Titans" didn't really need a remake. But it got one, in 2010, and the best thing said about that film is it was fun to mimic Liam Neeson growling "Release the Kraken!" for about five minutes. That said, there's no reason why this film should get a sequel. Does no one remember how that line was instantly mocked as "Release the Crappin'"?


Could go either way...

'Goon' (March 30)
Those of us who loved "Slapshot" really, really want "Goon" to be good. Seann William Scott and Liev Schreiber play novice and veteran hockey enforcers who drop the gloves and face off. "This is NOT F------ BASEBALL!" screams a coach in the trailer, and no, it's definitely not. This is no "Moneyball," but there hasn't been a great hockey comedy in a while, maybe it's time. Note: Hits theaters March 30, but Video On Demand customers can watch it there now.

 '21 Jump Street' (March 16)
Many folks have fond memories of the 1980s TV show "21 Jump Street," with Johnny Depp as a cop so babyfaced he could go undercover in schools. We're fine with them taking another go at this concept -- it's hardly classic cinema, and Jonah Hill is talented and hilarious. So we are cautiously optimistic about this movie, but it's also the kind of comedy that could completely tank.

What movies look best to you in March? Flip through our slideshow below to see what's coming to theaters, and then tell us what looks good on Facebook.

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