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Voice virus reportedly forces Celine Dion to cancel Vegas shows

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images file

Celine Dion is having to take a break from her Vegas shows due to inflamed vocal cords.

Her heart may go on, but her Las Vegas show won't -- at least not for now.

Celine Dion has canceled a slew of Sin City performances after contracting a virus that inflamed her vocal cords, according to reports.

The singer decided to pull the plug on her shows at Caesars Palace following doctors' orders.

Such a good patient, that Celine! But how long is she down for the count?

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Doctors are asking the chanteuse to rest up for two months. Barring any snags, she's expected to hit the stage again in early June.

In a statement, the singer said, "I tried to sing at my sound check last week, and I had no control of my voice whatsoever. We thought that after a few days' rest I would improve, but it wasn't getting any better."

Vegas can't get enough of the "My Heart Will Go On" balladeer's thundering voice. For five years, up until 2007, the singer mounted a massively successful run of shows at Caesars Palace, which reportedly grossed over $400 million. Last year, she announced a return engagement that would stretch another three years.

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Now that she's got some downtime, Dion might want to double-check her outfits for the show: We wouldn't want her flashing any more concertgoers like she did in Jamaica last month, would we?

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