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Did Lindsay Lohan's 'SNL' performance doom her movie comeback?


Lindsay Lohan on "Saturday Night Live" March 3.

From her bleached blonde locks to trouble with her lines, Lindsay Lohan's "Saturday Night Live" performance has been critically slammed. Some say the performance could have helped her along the road to a presumed movie comeback, but the negative reviews now have many wondering if that will ever happen for the troubled young star. 

The 25 year-old actress, who has spent recent years in and out of court and rehab as a result of drug-related issues, began the NBC sketch show Saturday night with an opening monologue mocking her arrests.  She also played herself in a spoof of prison-warning show "Scared Straight." But not everyone thought the self-deprecating humor worked.

After Jimmy Fallon joked that “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm, who also appeared on the show, was in the audience as a backup plan, some wanted that plan to be implemented.

Journalist Touré, an msnbc contributor, ‏wrote on Twitter, “Lindsay hasn't made me laugh yet. For an actress, she's not doing well. Can we still replace her with Jon Hamm? #SNL.”

Hamm may not have jumped in as host, but his multiple appearances throughout the show drew comparatively positive reviews. The film and television actor was a guest on TODAY Monday and defended Lohan's performance. 

“I thought she did a great job,” replied Hamm. “There was so much scrutiny and so much pressure on her, but she handled it with grace and aplomb.”

Host Al Roker also questioned Hamm on the criticism Lohan attracted. "I was sitting right there and I thought she did a good job," the "Mad Men" star told the host.

The actress earned praise in the past for roles in 1998's "The Parent Trap" and 2004's "Mean Girls." She's reportedly set to play Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie, "Liz & Dick." In TODAY's exclusive interview with Lohan last week, the actress said she was ignoring those who doubted her, and wanted to focus on work and "move forward with my life."

But it's hard to find a critic who wholeheartedly felt Lohan's performance showed that she's ready to headline a major film. 

“Letting Lindsay Lohan host "Saturday Night Live" was a mistake,” wrote Mike Ryan on The Huffington Post. “And that isn't anything against Lohan, her well documented escapades or her hopeful recovery. The fact is she just wasn't ready. It was apparent that the cast and the writers didn't particularly trust her (and why should they?) since they relegated her to backup duty in pretty much every sketch.”

 Tweeted David Poland, “Lindsay Lohan may have removed whatever questions there were about her future acting career with painful “SNL” performance.” 

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