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Slovakia wants to name a bridge for Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris in "Walker, Texas Ranger."

At last, someone might be able to successfully cross Chuck Norris.

The “Walker, Texas Ranger” star and martial arts specialist may be immortalized abroad this year, as Slovakians are uniting to have a bridge named in his honor.

The actor leads two other contenders in a landslide public vote to choose the name of a new pedestrian and cycling walkway over the Morava River, Reuters reports. Norris currently holds an enormous lead over historical Austro-Hungarian empress, Maria Theresa, and the nearby village of Devinska in the name race.

While the polls run till April, the actor carries 74 percent of the tally at present. A final decision will be made by the country’s general assembly after voting has ceased.

The bridge connects the Eastern European nation to neighboring Austria.

It's unclear who nominated the action film star for the honor in the first place. Reuters does point out that Norris’ work has become a common source of humor among the Slovaks relating to his “macho strength and invincibility.”

Kidding aside, regional governor, Pavol Fres, has promised to honor his people’s ultimate wishes, questionable though they may be. "The same way as we have so far been building it in full sight of the public, we will seek that the name is accepted by the public as well," Fres reportedly said.

Norris, who’s primarily known for his role on the television series, has a strong international following, and factoids about his exaggerated abilities dubbed "Chuck Norris Facts" have become a well-known Internet meme. One of those facts even seems relevant to the possible bridge name, claiming “Jesus walks on water. Chuck Norris steps over oceans.”

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