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Stephen Colbert: Rush Limbaugh is a prostitute

Comedy Central

The Sandra Fluke vs. Rush Limbaugh discussion was just too good a topic to pass up for late-night talk show funny guys Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but each took slightly different approaches.

Stephen Colbert went on a rant on “The Colbert Report,” completely tearing Limbaugh (or, as Colbert put it, the "poster boy for contraception") apart.

Limbaugh absolutely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the importance of medicated sex, Colbert said, "because every time he’s slept with a woman, he’s had to slip her a pill first."

Next, Colbert showed clips of the GOP presidential candidates giving less-than-outraged reactions to their fellow conservative’s choice of words. Rick Santorum brushed the whole ordeal off saying an "entertainer" like Limbaugh can “be absurd," while Mitt Romney said merely that Limbaugh's use of "slut" and "prostitute" to describe Fluke “weren’t the words he would have used."

'Course not, said Colbert: Romney's substitute words would also have included "trollop" or "harlot."

At least a dozen advertisershave pulled their products from Limbaugh’s show in the aftermath, including ProFlowers, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, and Quicken Loans. All products, Colbert said, that were necessary for "the slut lifestyle." Mattresses to have sex on, flowers to thank her for it, etc.

Limbaugh did apologize, but as Colbert pointed out, Limbaugh’s on-air apology was for calling Ms. Fluke that “s” and "p" words ... though clearly he stands by all of the other kind things he had to say about her -- like discussing all the sex she clearly was having and wanted to have.

"I don’t understand why this man has gone through four wives," Colbert added.

Colbert wrapped up by explaining that since Limbaugh hosts his nationally syndicated radio show with more than 15 million weekly listeners, it’s clear that he will say anything on air to keep the money coming in, and to keep audiences and advertisers satisfied. When you really think about it, he says, that makes Rush Limbaugh the prostitute. Touché!

Meanwhile, “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart slammed into Limbaugh in a segment entitled “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross" while wearing a bright yellow "prophylactic measure."

"You have to misunderstand so many things," said Stewart, completely debunking Limbaugh’s logic and how he came to the conclusion that Fluke is looking for a government payoff. But "the fun part" is watching the GOP candidates respond, he added.

He added Newt Gingrich to the mix -- Gingrich blamed the "elite media" for supporting Fluke. And Stewart also suggested that Romney would have definitely used other words to describe Fluke -- like "trollop" (a la Colbert) or "Methodist."

The thing is, said Stewart, Fluke and the Obama administration aren't looking to have the government pay for women to have or not have sex. He noted that it's "about an insurance mandate covering contraceptive medication as part of women’s overall healthcare." And if you're a taxpayer whose taxes are going to things you don't like, Stewart said welcome to the club: He'd like to be reimbursed for the Iraq War and oil subsidies and then "diaphragms are on me."

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