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Fox reporter falls asleep on-air?

Super Tuesday is a long, tiring slog for the journalists who cover it. Longer for some than others, perhaps.

On Wednesday morning, apparently around 5:30 local time, KTBC TV anchor Joe Bickett in Austin, Tex., tried to get a report on the political happenings from Fox D.C. correspondent Doug Luzader.

When Luzader was shown, it looked as if he had just bowed his head, but Bickett introduced the segment to no response.

"Hello, Doug. ... hi, Doug!" Bickett called. "I ... guess ... not. We'll check in in a minute."

The Austin American-Statesman reported that Luzader "appeared to be sound asleep."

But  the YouTube contributor who uploaded the video of Luzader wrote, "He actually direct-messaged me and told me his earpiece was dead and if you look closely enough, you can see his eyes blinking. It was sooooo much more funny thinking he was asleep."

Earpiece, schmerpiece, he certainly looks asleep from here.

If he was asleep, he's not the first. Another YouTube video, this one from 2007, shows Bob Bruce, then a news anchor at Pittsburgh's WXPI, appear to wake up after a traffic report cuts back to him.

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