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Cain's fishy attack ad inspires Stephen Colbert to go avant-garde

For those who thought Herman Cain was out of the presidential race, well, last night on "The Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert proved you wrong. Armed with an attack ad from the Cain Connections Super PAC, Colbert (who considers Cain his "brother from another mother") was happy to share the find with his audience.

PETA members might want to sit down before watching it. Cain's anti-stimulus ad, released a few days ago, features a flopping, gasping goldfish presided over by an unsmiling child mouthing "this is your brain on drugs"-esque lines while standing in a barren wasteland. The goldfish? Well, that's the floundering U.S. economy. The Cain camp posted on its YouTube description a disclaimer that suggests no actual goldfish were harmed in making the film: "The goldfish is fine, but our economy isn't."

In case that was too subtle, the spot ends with a man -- Colbert suggests that it's Cain -- standing on a mountaintop a la "The Lion King" -- and in the background a pig oinks. "Any questions?" the little girl shouts.

"Nope!" said Colbert, who was so inspired by this visual delight that he decided to make an "avant-garde" (as Cain's ad was described in pundit clips) ad of his own, after downing a bottle of Robitussin and punching himself in the temple with a porcelain cow creamer. What ensued was a hilarious parody of Cain’s spot, which Colbert said was about "all of the things we forgot we used to be mad about.”

"Ball's in your court, Herman Cain!" he cried out once it was over.

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