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'Predator' star Carl Weathers confused with Uganda's Joseph Kony

Getty Images, 20th Century Fox

Joseph Kony, Ugandan guerilla leader on left, and Carl Weathers in 1987's "Predator" on the right.

Sometimes, Internet users just like to hold out the bait and see if anyone will bite, even their own friends.

That's the only excuse we can see for the current link making the rounds.

shot of actor Carl Weathers in a scene from 1987's "Predator" is shown, apparently posted to a number of different Facebook pages, each with a vague but positive caption.

The resulting comments make it clear that some readers think the picture is of Ugandan guerilla leader Joseph Kony and are horrified by the thought that someone could be supporting him. Kony has been in the news thanks to the viral video, "Kony 2012," which sparked many to urge that action be taken against Kony, and others to criticize the video's creators.

Then other Facebook users jump in on the person who made the Kony mistake, snarking "Can you even point out Uganda on a map without Google?" or "Do all black people look the same to you?"

The men don't look that much alike, though they both have mustaches, green army caps, and are shot in front of a jungle background. But apparently that's enough to fool a few people. We're wondering how much unfriending then takes place.

Weathers had an earlier weird bit of fame for his "Predator" role. Two actors from that film went on to govern U.S. states, Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Jesse Ventura of Minnesota, and jokes were common that Weathers would have to step up and govern a state himself. He even appeared on "Saturday Night Live" spoofing the concept.

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