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Breathe easy, for 10 hours, with this Darth Vader video

Twentieth Century Fox

Luke, you are sleeeeeepy.

Are you one of those people who needs some sort of white noise machine to relax or fall asleep? Ever use one of those contraptions to soothe a restless baby? Well, perhaps the sound of a breathing Dark Lord can help.

Forget whales talking or raindrops on a tin roof. If your cranky kid isn't counting stormtroopers in his or her sleep after this, then you might be out of luck.

Witness, 10 hours (!) of Darth Vader breathing:

All done? Hope you got a meal and some sleep while you were playing that back.

Vader's signature inhale and exhale, otherwise known as breathing, is as recognizable a sound bite as there is in cinema. The only downside of using it in your kid's room may come if you're one of those new parents who likes to check on a sleeping baby to see if he's still breathing. I found that this was tough to do in the dark, when I myself was barely awake. With Vader "in the room," one couldn't be sure who was making all that noise. Although, if your baby breathes like Vader you might want to visit a doctor.

Some of the comments on YouTube -- where the video has 52,000 views of presumably less than 10 hours each -- are pretty fun.

"I watched this last night, thinking it would be great to fall asleep to. Turns out that if I wake up in the middle of the night and hear the *PUF-KTCH* noise, it just makes me terribly frightened of someone being in the room ..." said user DarkAztek.

"Somehow I imagine Darth Vader sleeping when I listen to this this´╗┐ longer than 3 minutes. All it needs is some occasional dream mumbling.... "It iiiissss yooouuur deeessssssssssssstinyyyyy"... ...*turns over*....." wrote karaokefreak1.

Whether or not the video freaks you out or returns you to the dark side of a sleepless night, it's further proof that any fan with 10 hours of spare time will always find a way to celebrate "Star Wars."

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