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Michelle Obama dishes with David Letterman about secret Target visit


First Lady Michelle Obama goes on a secret shopping mission to Target, in a photo shown on "Late Night."

On Monday night, in her first appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman," a very upbeat First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with the host to talk largely about her family life -- but also about a secret shopping run she made to Target.

Obama dished on the structure of her home life with the president, her love for Bo the dog, and her tween daughters Sasha and Malia. Letterman covered all bases, from life with her high-profile hubby, to the things she did for fun as a kid.

The interview turned out to be surprisingly sentimental, especially when the conversation turned to the first lady’s upbringing in the South side of Chicago and when Letterman asked about her parents. On the topic of her dad, who had multiple sclerosis, Obama shared,  “I never knew him to be able to walk, but my dad worked so hard and he loved us so much. ... We had rules, we had boundaries, but there wasn’t anything my dad wouldn’t do for us, and -- don’t make me cry!”

Clearly Mrs. O didn’t expect to turn on the waterworks during a Letterman interview, so she fought the tears back with more laughs. “This isn’t 'Oprah!'” she exclaimed,  “It’s supposed to be 'Letterman.' What’s up? Where are the laughs?!”

As she’s done on other late night shows, Obama showed off her sense of humor; joking about her secret trip to Target -- recounting the story of a woman who she thought recognized her under a disguise (only to find out the woman just wanted her to reach for some detergent).

And, of course, the two joked about politics.

"Has your husband ever come home and said, oh, that (House Speaker) John Boehner ... what an idiot?” Letterman asked.

Struggling with her composure, the First Lady responded, "No, never. He is always upbeat ... especially about Congress!"

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