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Did Richard Gere really slam 'Pretty Woman' as 'silly' and his 'least favorite thing'?

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts starred in the 1990 romantic comedy "Pretty Woman."

Updated 12:45 p.m. ET: A rep for Richard Gere refutes the story from Australia's Woman's Day and told E! News, "He did not give an interview to this publication."

Original story:
This isn't so pretty now, is it?

"Pretty Woman" may be one of the most successful romantic flicks of all time, and it may have catapulted Richard Gere to leading-man stardom and Julia Roberts to meteoric superstardom.

But if you think that Gere's got warm and fuzzy things to say about it, think again.

The actor has come out swinging against the movie, and it looks like he's got nothing but ugly barbs to fire out....

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"It's my least favorite thing," Gere tells Australian mag Woman's Day about "Pretty Woman."

"People ask me about that movie, but I've forgotten it," he cops. "That was a silly romantic comedy."

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So what isn't silly? How about his new financial thriller "Arbitrage," which premiered at Sundance and which Gere says is "much more serious" than "Pretty Woman" and "has some real cause and effect."

That's not nice, throwing Roberts' oxymoronic hooker fairy tale under the bus!

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In "Arbitrage," Gere plays a skeevy, Bernie Madoff-ish billionaire who, in an interesting twist, appears to be the flip side of the dreamy venture capitalist he played in "Pretty Woman."

Apparently, Gere's had a change of heart about those kinds of characters, too. He goes on to tell Woman's Day that "Pretty Woman" "made those guys seem dashing, which was so wrong.... Thankfully, today, we are all more skeptical of those guys."

Skeptical indeed, if it's enough to turn Gere against Roberts' toothy charms!

What do you think? Is Richard Gere right to dismiss "Pretty Woman?"

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