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Colbert unveils do-it-yourself Super PAC starter kit

Listen up, America. If there’s anyone out there that can teach a thing or two about running a successful Super PAC, it’s Stephen Colbert. Not only is the host of “Colbert Report” currently spearheading a successful PAC movement by generating interest in the organizations through his infamous “Super Fun PAC,” according to congressional website TheHill.com, Colbert is also generating more Super PAC buzz than some of the current GOP candidates. Not to mention, the endless quips have kept the show nothing short of entertaining.

Remember the Super PAC kidnapping fiasco between Colbert and  “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart a while ago? After that debacle it’s no wonder that the interest in the matter hasn’t quelled. Considering his influence, as Colbert explains, it also comes as no surprise that a student from the University of Texas wrote a letter detailing his “overwhelming urge” to start a Colbert Super PAC organization at his school. And so, the extension of Colbert’s political tentacles begins!

Colbert dubs the new organization at the University of Texas “Texans for A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” and he doesn’t stop there. His generosity  extends to every college in America so they can have their own Colbert PAC.  In his infomercial voice he explains: If you have a burning desire for civil engagement (and $99 to spare), then you can have the Colbert Super PAC “Super Fun Pack” -- a do-it-yourself guide to creating your own Super PAC.

In it you’ll find all the necessary legal documents to create one…which is really just one sheet from the Federal Election Commission. Getting the guide from the PAC, as opposed to free online – Colbert explains – would spare you from the awkwardness of having loved ones see the FEC come up in your browser history.  Also included in the nifty pack, is a hand drawn instruction manual, an Allen wrench, a “Turtles don’t like peanut butter” t-shirt, a sign that reads “If the Super PAC is caucusing, don’t bother knockusing!” a pair of Colbert Super PAC tube socks, and to top it all off ... a Forbes list of 400 richest Americans for your donations.

And just think -- all those goodies for a mere $99!

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