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'Total Recall' remake trailer shows Colin Farrell in Arnold's role

Columbia Pictures

Colin Farrell in a scene from the "Total Recall" remake.

Colin Farrell has some gigantic, Governator-sized shoes to fill as he takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger's leading role in the remake of 1990's "Total Recall." The trailer for the upcoming film, which opens Aug. 3, was released Sunday.

Some elements will look familiar. Like Schwarzenegger's character, Farrell will play a simple worker named Douglas Quaid with a possible spy alter ego going by Hauser. Farrell told CinemaBlend.com that the new version is not closer to Philip K. Dick's short story, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," as has been reported.

Drew McWeeny of HitFix already is a fan of Farrell's casting, writing "When Colin Farrell snaps and kills everyone in the room, that's surprising.  When Arnold does it, that's just Wednesday."

This version of "Total Recall" won't be traveling to Mars, apparently, though everyone's favorite minor character, the three-breasted hooker, will reportedly be back. And yes, that's John Cho of "Harold & Kumar" fame as an employee of memory company Rekall.

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