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'American Reunion' producer flips out at Facebook fans

“American Reunion” producer Chris Moore went on a recent Facebook tirade, exploding at fans about the stress he was under to meet box office expectations for the opening of his new film.

Moore originally turned to fans for suggestions about how to get people into the theater to see his flick, which opens April 6, The Huffington Post reports. When reactions weren’t as he’d anticipated, the producer had an angry and uncensored reaction.

"I been reading your comments,” wrote Moore. “... F*** you. We made a funny heartfelt movie and it delivers. Isn't that enough? ... Hell, if each of you went to the movie at seven bones a piece that is $42 mil….We want to break $50."

He goes on to diss some recent box office success stories, including “The Hunger Games,” “Twilight,” and “The Hangover,” saying “I do not want teenage girls owning the box office."

Fans responded pretty much as you would expect.

“No offense, but not a lot of us are interested in [your] opening week projections,” responded Kevin Jon O'Connell. “We want to go and see your movie, all I am saying is get to the point buddy.”

“Dude just calm down, everyone loves ‘American Pie,’” said Colby Powers.

Moore later spoke to Moviefone about his comments.

"I did not in any way mean that to be mean-spirited... I really just wanted to talk to the fans directly, and the way things -- particularly in the film business and the media business -- are marketed, it's very difficult to get a direct conversation with [them]," said Moore. "The truth of the matter is, I am very proud of the movie."

His thoughts were reiterated by executives at Universal, the studio distributing “American Reunion,” who said they’d encouraged Moore to interact via the social network. Nevertheless, the postings have since been deleted from the film’s Facebook page.  

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