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Reporter splattered with eggs, yogurt during live broadcast


A group of Greek protesters found an alternative use for their classic food staples recently, ambushing a local news anchor with eggs and yogurt during a live broadcast of his news show.

According to the New York Daily News, 17 rioters masked by handkerchiefs broke into the Epiros TV1 newsroom April 6 and opened fire with food. The group was angered by journalist Panagiotis Bourchas’ recent interview with Chrysi Avyi, a spokesman for far-right political organization, Golden Dawn, and apparently felt the need to demonstrate their displeasure explicitly.

Bourchas, who was mid-interview at the time, remained calm despite the unexpected events. While his guest immediately walked out of sight, the news anchor stood up, brushed the goop from his jacket and wiped any carnage off his laptop. He took the beating for about a minute before finally unclipping his earpiece and exiting the stage.

In addition to the grocery assault, the protesters chanted loudly. Their message was, “Keep neo-Nazis off your show,” Epiros TV1 told multiple sources.

Greece has seen a rise in neo-Nazi affiliates such as Golden Dawn since last year’s economic crisis unfolded. Foreign Policy describes Golden Dawn as “a fringe Fascist group despised by most Greeks.” Members of the organization have publicly proposed violence as a means of removing undocumented immigrants from the country, Athens News reports.

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