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New 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer suggests Batman may meet his doom

While it may be common knowledge that this summer’s blockbuster release, “The Dark Knight Rises,” will deliver the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy, the latest trailer suggests it may also prove the demise of DC’s legendary comic book hero.

Released on Monday, the third trailer for the film is thematically centered on the fate of its star character, Batman (Christian Bale), and the insurmountable threat of Bane (Tom Hardy), the evil villain who may, at last, be able to surpass the protagonist in strength and intelligence. Of course, as Bane surmises, he plans for something far worse than death.

“Your punishment must be more severe,” Bane warns through his pseudo gas-mask.

Set eight years after the conclusion of “The Dark Knight,” Nolan’s highly anticipated adventure movie, out July 20, looks as mesmerizing in theoretical discourse as it does in high impact action sequences, with scenes cutting from shots of blown up bridges to children living in fear. Now featuring, for the first time ever, a flying Batmobile, the trailer indicates “a storm is coming” to Gotham City, and amidst falling snow, societal tyranny, and a shambling Wall Street, Batman appears to be abducted by Bane, his whereabouts unknown to even his closest alliances, his masked tossed into the river.

“I won’t bury you,” Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler (Michael Caine) says in the teaser. “I’ve buried too many members of the Wayne family.”

This latest clip also highlights the new roles of Anne Hathaway, as Catwoman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as Gotham cop John Blake. Playing the film’s anti-hero, Hathaway’s character subtly gives her own premonitions of what’s to come in the ambitious battle with Bane, while Gordon-Levitt emerges ghost-faced and without answers in Blake.

Most telling may be the final words uttered by Batman to Catwoman at the end of the two-minute piece.

“You’ve given them everything,” says the lady of the hour.

“Not everything,” Batman replies. “Not yet.”

Following the release of the trailer, fans tracking the film’s every move exhibited excitement online.

“Someone put me in a medical coma until dark knight rises is released,” tweeted musician Pete Wentz.

“MIND=BLOWN Going to be the best movie ever!!!!” wrote Logan Neubarth on Twitter.

Sam Johnson added, ”Genuinely have never been more excited for 'The Dark Knight Rises!' Gonna finish off the greatest trilogy ever made!”

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