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Stephen Colbert hunts down elusive Super PAC king

As a player in the powerful and completely transparent world of Super PACs, "The Colbert Report's" host Steven Colbert prides himself on having the greatest possible influence in the 2012 presidential election -- though he's not going to share any details, so stop asking, world. But now Colbert’s prominent lead in the PAC race is being challenged by a mysterious, elusive Florida figure.

Who is Mr. Josue Larose? A pretender, said Colbert.

For "years," as he put it, Colbert sat atop the throne of PAC democracy, but now he can’t really compete with the elusive Mr. Larose’s hold over the playing field. Larose simply has more money, and is apparently responsible for one of every four Super PACs out there -- 400! He's also run for public office multiple times, on multiple tickets simultaneously, including for the U.S. presidency.

Colbert would not be outshone or avoided, though, and Thursday night he went in search of the man he said was riding his Super PAC coattails. Hopping aboard the "Colbert Report" Sea Plane, Colbert flew to Duval County, Fla., where Larose once ran for office. But the trail went cold: neither the head of the elections commission, two investigative reporters nor a tenant in Larose's building had ever actually seen the man.

In the end, desperate, Colbert turned to a search team trained in hunting down mystical figures -- the folks from Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot." Operation Giant Larose Flush was a total success, unless you define "success" as "finding the quarry." They did not, and Colbert went home empty-handed.

Back on his show, Colbert admits having total respect for he-who-could-not-be-found, and extended an invitation for Larose to come on the show and receive the Colbert fist bump.

Newt Gingrich may have suspended his bid for the White House, but that still doesn't mean he's throwing his support behind presumed GOP front runner Mitt Romney. So, Stephen Colbert steps in with a Star Wars analogy to help out.

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