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Michael Moore records Bob Dylan song for 'Occupy' album

Lucas Jackson / REUTERS

Michael Moore

There's a moment in Michael Moore's documentary "The Big One" where the filmmaker picks up a guitar and launches into a warbly impersonation of Bob Dylan singing his 1964 protest anthem, "The Times They Are A-Changin'." Now "Occupy This Album," a new compilation of songs described as "99 tracks -- 99 artists for the 99 percent," features Moore performing a considerably more sincere rendition of the same song.

"They had asked me 2 direct a music video of the album," Moore Tweeted on Friday. "I said,'You don't want me 2 sing a song?' They called my bluff & said 'Yes!Sing!' Ha!"

Accompanied by Tom Chapin on guitar and harmonica, the lefty documentarian plays it mostly straight this time, though about two thirds of the way into the recording, a human microphone chorus, led by Moore, chimes in: "We are here to conduct an intervention," the group chants.

The 4-disc album, which will be released on May 15 by Music For Occupy through Razor & Tie distribution, will also feature more practiced musicians including Patti Smith, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Ani DiFranco, Thievery Corporation, Yoko Ono and Toots and the Maytals, among others. Proceeds from the album's sales will go "directly towards the needs of sustaining this growing movement."

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