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Rush Limbaugh: Donna Summer was 'right-winger' and 'not a fan' of rap

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Donna Summer in 1978

Rush Limbaugh expressed grief on his radio show over the passing of Donna Summer Thursday, stating, among other things, that she was a “right-winger” and “one of us.”

The conservative talk show host began his tribute to the disco icon, who died of cancer Thursday at the age of 63, by playing some of her music, then later providing his own personal take on her life and work.

“I met Donna Summer one time and her husband on an airplane. She and her husband, after the flight took off, came up to me and introduced themselves, and we had a nice conversation,” Limbaugh recalled. “They were one of us. They were. That's what they wanted to come tell me.”

Further elaborating on Summer’s apparently similar mindset, the radio figure added, “She came to hate the smut on the radio. She was not a fan of rap music at all.”

Summer became a born-again Christian in 1979, and even refused to perform one of her biggest hits, "Love to Love You Baby," which includes sexual moans. But according to People magazine, she changed her mind and recorded the song for a fragrance ad in 2011, complete with moans.

As far as Summer's opinion of rap and hip-hop, her nephew is the hip hop artist O’Mega Red, and in April, she was featured on a track with him. Red, who is also a record producer and actor, is a two-time recipient of the New England Urban Music Awards Rap Artist of the Year, and has spoken about his famous familial connection in the past.

“It’s certainly great to be associated with my aunt, and we have done some records with her,” the artist said in an interview with Rap N’ Blues. “But there’s certainly no golden ticket nor did I ever expect that there would be.”

Following the news of her death, the rapper responded to notes on his Twitter page, “Thank You twitter and everyone for your blessing I'm doing the best that I can right now.”

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

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