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Which do you prefer -- Will Smith the rapper or the actor?

Remember when Will Smith was just a Philly kid, transplanted to Bel Air?  Long before he portrayed Cassius Clay in "Ali," and before taking up the fight against aliens in "Men in Black," Smith was best known for his fish-out-of-water role in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

As big a hit as the 1990s-era comedy was, the show didn't eclipse Smith's rapping career, which was pretty sweet ("Summertime," anyone?).

Smith's rapping past resurfaced during his recent appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," where he performed a rather impromptu rendition of the "Fresh Prince" theme song (thanks, Jezebel, for finding) with British singer-songwriter Gary Barlow, who is the head judge on the UK version of "The X Factor." 

Take a look at the video (the rap begins around the 2:20 mark). So, which would you rather see -- Will Smith the actor or Will Smith the rapper? Cast your vote below and share your thoughts on Facebook

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