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Reporter almost hit by truck during segment on crosswalk safety

Reporter Doug Brauner was filming a report on crosswalk safety for Sacramento's KOVR-TV when the danger of being a pedestrian was truly brought home.

As Brauner prepared to demonstrate when a pedestrian would have the right of way at a busy intersection, a black pickup truck zoomed up to where he was standing. The truck didn't stop for the red light, didn't yield to Brauner who was stepping into the street, and wheeled into a dangerous right turn at high speed.

"Really? Really?" said Brauner.

"Light 'em up!" called the anchors watching the video on a later broadcast.

And that's just what happened. A black-and-white California Highway Patrol car had been parked at the intersection so officer Adrian Quintero could offer safety tips for Brauner's news segment. But when the truck tore through, the officer took off after the driver, all caught on camera.

Brauner later reported that the driver was being held on suspicion of drunk driving. At eight in the morning.

Photos of the driver taking a breathalyzer test and being arrested can be seen here.

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