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'Iron Man 3' photo shows off Tony Stark's many super suits

Fans of "Iron Man 3" don't get to see Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark's face in this newly released image from the film, but they do get a good shot of his many "Iron Man" suits.


Robert Downey Jr. in a newly released photo from "Iron Man 3."

The movie, which opens May 3, 2013, just started filming in North Carolina, with future shoots reportedly planned in China and Miami.

Fans of the film and comic-book series are scrambling for leaked tidbits, and last week a source told ComicBook.com that one of the villains facing Iron Man in the new film is the character's comic-book archenemy, The Mandarin -- rumored to be played by Ben Kingsley.

Spinoff Online reports that the Mandarin will be a secondary villain and that Guy Pearce will play the movie's main bad guy, geneticist Aldrich Killian. The film appears to draw plot inspiration from a popular six-issue "Iron Man" comic series, "Extremis," in which Killiam creates a super-soldier solution not unlike that used to bulk up Captain America -- only this one makes bad guys.

Fans have just 11 months to wait until all is revealed.

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