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Click and Clack are retiring from 'Car Talk,' but revamped shows will still air

Charles Krupa / AP

Brothers Tom Magliozzi, left, and Ray Magliozzi, hosts of National Public Radio's "Car Talk," are seen in 2008.

After 25 years, Click and Clack are putting "Car Talk" in park.

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, hosts of the nationally broadcast radio show "Car Talk," announced Friday that as of October, they won't make any more new shows. While the hosts won't be as involved, NPR will continue to air a program that combines old material and a few updates from the Magliozzis.

In a statement from NPR, Ray Magliozzi, 63, jokes, "My brother has always been 'work-averse,' Now, apparently, even the one hour a week is killing him!"

"It's brutal," Tom Magliozzi, 74, was quoted as saying.

The brothers will continue to write "Dear Tom & Ray," their twice-weekly car-advice column.

The show will celebrate its 25th anniversary on NPR stations before the brothers retire. The brothers actually have been doing the show for 35 years, with 10 of those in Boston before hooking up with NPR.

The Magliozzi brothers posted a blog entry at cartalk.com announcing that it was finally "time to get even lazier."

Joked Tom, "We’re hoping to be like 'I Love Lucy' and air ten times a day on 'NPR at Nite' in 2075."

Ray went on to note that he thinks it "unlikely" the brothers will change their minds about retiring, but leaves the possibility open.

Tom, however, disagrees, writing "Absolutely not. My brother can go chase himself. I’m done."

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