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Volturi come for Renesmee in clip from 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'

Here's where we are in 2012, moviegoers. We don't just anticipate trailers for movies, we anticipate teaser trailers from movies (shorter versions of the trailers), and we don't just anticipate teaser trailers, but previews of teaser trailers (even shorter clips). Got that?

So today, there's a preview clip available from a teaser trailer for "Breaking Dawn Part 2," which doesn't come out until Nov. 16.

In the clip, you do see baby and young girl versions of Renesmee, though you don't see her face -- which is OK, since she's on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week.

Viewers also get to see Bella with her blazing vampire eyes, and what certainly seems like a hint of more backbone and strength, thanks to her new status.

And of course the Volturi show up, briefly, all dressed up and ready to kick some Cullen butt for protecting what the Volturi believe to be an immortal child -- a child bitten by a vampire -- which Renesmee is not. "She was born, not bitten, she grows every single day," Bella protests.

A full teaser trailer will be released Wednesday, which is also Edward Cullen's 111th birthday, according to Stephenie Meyer's books. No need to gift-wrap some Geritol -- he may be past the century mark, but he's not exactly elderly.

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