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Axl Rose face-plants during Guns N' Roses show

Oh Axl Rose. You're clearly not the spry, energetic young rock star you once were at the height of Guns N' Roses' fame. When the latest version of the band performed at Hellfest in France on Saturday, Axl fell face first onto a platform on stage during "Sweet Child o' Mine."

Keep your eyes on the right side of the stage:

Sure, the veteran performer recovered quickly, but perhaps he wasn't feeling so hot on this tour. A full video of the Saturday gig on YouTube revealed a totally uninspired performance of "Sweet Child" by the GNR frontman. (The clip was later yanked, but here's a performance of a similar energy level from Axl on April 6 in the Netherlands.) That fall would've been totally excusable had he been channeling a smidgen of the energy he once had on stage. But instead of running, jumping and dancing around vigorously as he once did, the frontman strolled slowly back and forth during the performance of one of the band's biggest hits. No wonder the crowd seemed to lack energy as well. (No dancing at a rock show? No moshing? What is this world coming to?!?)

And no, Axl's certainly not the first (nor will he be the last) performer to fall. Check out these others:

Jennifer Lopez quickly recovered at the 2009 American Music Awards:

Steven Tyler in South Dakota in 2009, where he unfortunately sustained some injuries:


Kanye West in Norway in 2011:

Lady Gaga in Houston in 2011:


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