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Pixar's lucky charm has starred in all thirteen films

Valerie Macon / AFP/Getty Images

Actor John Ratzenberger at the premier of "Toy Story 3" has starred in all thirteen of Pixar's films, including the upcoming "Brave."

Pixar’s ubiquitous good luck charm is popping up again, this time as a Scottish guard in "Brave."

John Ratzenberger, the "Dancing with the Stars" alumnus known for his role as Cliff Clavin in “Cheers,” has voiced supporting roles in all thirteen Pixar films. He's put his talents to use in a variety of roles from Hamm the Piggy Bank in the “Toy Story” series to, his personal favorite, P.T. Flea in “A Bug’s Life.”

His “Cars” character Mack the Truck had the epiphany that Ratzenberger has appeared in every Pixar film during the movie’s closing credit sequence.

“They’re just using the same actor over and over,” remarks a disgusted Mack. “What kind of cut-rate production is this?”

While Mack may not approve, audiences certainly have. (Besides, what does the gag-prone truck know anyway?) Below is a cheat sheet to where you can find Ratzenberger and his signature voice in every Pixar film.

“Toy Story” (1995), “Toy Story 2” (1999), “Toy Story 3”(2010) - Hamm the Piggy Bank

Hamm the Piggy Bank (John Ratzenberger) "takes the wheel" in this clip from "Toy Story 2" (1999).


“A Bug’s Life” (1998) - P.T. Flea, the circus ring leader

Great quote: “I'm serious! Word of mouth got around, the next day there was a line of flies outside the tent, went on forever. It must have been a foot long!”

“Monsters, Inc.” (2001) - The Abominable Snowman

A few clips of The Abominable Snowman in "Monsters, Inc." (2001).

“Finding Nemo” (2003) - The School of Moonfish

The school of Moonfish (John Ratzenberger) in "Finding Nemo" (2003).


“The Incredibles” (2004) - The Underminer

Great quote: "Behold, the Underminer! I'm always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me! I hereby declare war on peace and happiness! Soon, all will tremble before me!"

“Cars” (2006), “Cars 2” (2011) - Mack the Truck

Great quote: "Ah, don't worry about it, kid. It's the least I could do. After all, 'gas can' is my middle name."

“Ratatouille” (2007) - Mustafa the Head Waiter

The head waiter at Gusteau's, Mustafa (John Ratzenberger), doesn't know what to tell a family when they ask what's new. From Ratatouille (2007).

“WALL-E” (2008) - John

Look for John as an obese happy-as-can-be man sporting a tight red jumper and exchanging a few words with WALL-E and his wife, Mary. 

“Up” (2009) - Tom, the construction worker

Tom can be spotted as the construction foreman who continually asks Carl to move to a retirement home due to the ever-increasing construction around Carl's house.

“Brave” (2012) - A Scottish guard

The trailer for "Brave," which opens in US theatres on June 22nd.


This list will likely continue in years to come, as Ratzenberger is always ready for another Pixar role. "Every time I get Pixar on the line," Ratzenberger told The Daily Telegraph. "I just drop whatever I'm doing and get over to the studio."

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