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18 costume changes in one video -- can you name them all?

If you're craving a new music video from David Bowie or Bob Dylan or Elvis Presley or Kurt Cobain -- or all of them together and then some -- you'll want to check out this offering from Eytan and the Embassy.

The Brooklyn-based band's video for "Everything Changes" literally does just that with 18 costume changes in one unedited take.

According to Record Setter, it took the band and crew a full day of rehearsal and 30 takes the next day to successfully capture the final video.

As the lyrics of the song say, "If you're tired of being yourself, go on and be somebody else."

Over the course of the four-minute video, wigs and glasses and shirts and jackets go on and off lead singer Eytan Oren. We tried our best to identify each of the iconic rockers portrayed. There's Buddy Holly? John Lennon (or is that Liam Gallagher?!) Jim Morrison! Bob Dylan! Someone in a white tux? Elton John! Elvis Presley! David Bowie! Billy Idol ... as Wendy O. Williams? Bruce Springsteen! A blonde we can't peg -- David Lee Roth? Stevie Nicks? Then there's Prince! Kurt Cobain! Billy Joe Armstrong! Weird Al! The Beastie Boys! Lady Gaga! And finally, Deadmau5 and his signature "mouse" head.

The band has also uploaded a cool look behind the scenes of the making of the video. "The idea was to try to pull off something that was pretty close to impossible so that it would be pretty fun to watch," Oren says.

Mission accomplished.

What did you think of the video? Can you ID all of the rockers? Let us know over on Facebook.

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