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Tom Cruise breaks bones in teaser trailer for 'Jack Reacher' movie

Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise plays the title role in "Jack Reacher." Out December 21.

Tom Cruise just can't stay out of the news. After his split from Katie Holmes last week, various greetings for his 50th birthday Tuesday, as well as the announcement that the highest-paid actor in show business, Cruise made even more news when the teaser for his upcoming movie "Jack Reacher" was released.

Standing at 5 foot 7 inches, Cruise wouldn’t seem to be cut out to play the broad-shouldered, 6-foot-5-inch Jack Reacher. Yet despite complaints from some fans of Lee Child's character, Cruise is portraying the dark ex-cop vigilante whose rogue adventures span 17 novels.

Based on Lee Child's ninth novel, “One Shot,” the movie features Reacher searching for answers in the case of a military sniper fatally shooting five random victims. In “Dexter”-esque outside-of-the-law fashion, Reacher kills those who deserve to die, voicing over in the trailer, “You think I’m a hero. I’m not a hero. If you’re smart, that scares you, because I have nothing to lose.”  

Driving without the slightest smile, breaking the bones of thugs dumb enough to cross him, and scaring the Russian hospital patient who narrates the trailer are all in a day’s work for the morally dubious protagonist. Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote “The Usual Suspects” and Cruise’s World War II film “Valkyrie,” directs while famous German documentarian Werner Herzog is set to play the film’s bad guy; sadly, neither he nor “Die Another Day’s” Rosamund Pike seem to show up in the trailer.

Cruise is the man we’re excited for though. Riding out his recent divorce and dealing with his curious relationship to Scientology, the actor is still able to lead blockbusters like the “Mission Impossible” saga to box office success while laughing at his own peculiar persona through roles like Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder” and the head-banging Stacee Jaxx in the recent flop, “Rock of Ages.”

His next battle will be to gainacceptance from Reacher fans. At least he has Child’s support, who said in a video on his blog, "We're going to get 100 percent Reacher but only 90 percent of the height ... you have to look at who wants to play the part and who can play the part." 

And regardless, it’s hard to bank against Cruise’s success. From “Risky Business” at 19 to his 50th birthday, he’s been an A-lister for quite some time.

Paramount Pictures told The New York Times in a statement on Monday, “Tom is a huge movie star for the right reason: He’s a very talented actor whose movies have entertained millions of fans.” They added, his “ability to make a great movie” is what “moviegoers remember above all else.”

Not all fans were thrilled. Cracked Steve Mosby on Twitter, "The first trailer for Jack Reacher confirms people's suspicion that Tom Cruise shouldn't have been let within five foot three of the role."

“Jack Reacher” hits theaters Dec. 21.

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